B.A., Rice University

Adminstrative Assistant

Department of Astronomy
R.L. Moore Hall 16.214
The University of Texas at Austin
512-471-6493 or 512-471-3000
FAX 512-471-6016


I design and produce web pages, type and illustrate classnotes, typeset manuscripts using LaTeX, design and produce slides for lectures as well as provide technical and administrative assistance to faculty, staff and students.


Group Served


Harriet Dinerstein

John Lacy

Neal J. Evans II

David L. Lambert

Paul M. Harvey

Chris Sneden

William H. Jefferys

Ethan T. Vishniac

Research Scientists:

G.F. Benedict

Verne V. Smith

Dan F. Lester 

Jocelyn Tomkin

Barbara McArthur

Larry Trafton

Pete Shelus Art Whipple

Hubble Space Telescope Astrometry Team


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