Benedict and McArthur HST Guest Observer Projects
Proposal PI Title
GO-08335 Soderblom Calibrating Stellar Models with the Pleiades: Resolving the Distance Discrepancy
GO-08728 Franz Low-Mass Multiple System GL 831 (Wolf 922): Definitive Orbit and Mass- Luminosity Relation
GO-09089 Harrison FGS Parallaxes of Cataclysmic Variables
GO-09167 Benedict FGS Astrometry of the Extrasolar Planet of Epsilon Eridani
GO-09168 Groot The Distances to AM CVn stars
GO-09183 Soderblom Completing the Astrometric Orbit for a Pair of Pre-Main Sequence Low-Mass Stars
GO-09230 Beuermann FGS parallaxes of magnetic CVs
GO-09234 Henry Calibrating the Mass-Luminosity Relation at the End of the Main Sequence
GO-09407 Benedict FGS Astrometry of a Star Hosting an Extrasolar Planet: The Mass of Upsilon Andromedae d
GO-09943 McNamara Searching for Very Low Mass Objects in M35 Using the HST/FGS Archive
GO-09879 Benedict An Astrometric Calibration of the Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relation

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